Woman and Sleep

When it comes to sleep women face 3 strikes over their lifespan. First during adolescence a young woman starts having menstrual cycles which can result in monthly fluctuations in sleep disturbance and daytime sleepiness/fatigue. Then a woman begins her childrearing years and the sleep disturbance is associated with pregnancy and babies/children. Finally a woman makes the transition through menopause which can last 10 years from the early 40’s to the early 50’s.  During this transition one of the most common disturbances to a woman is her sleep.

So, for women, there isn’t a lot of time to sleep between the teens and the 50’s! What is important for women is that sleep disturbance can become chronic and lifelong with a significant effect on quality of life, health and mood. Addressing sleep problems at any phase of life for a woman can prove to be a tremendous preventative health and wellness intervention similar to activity/exercise and diet. The CSHP has the expertise to assess a woman’s sleep problem and determine the best approach to managing that problem over her life to prevent the documented consequences of weight gain, fatigue, mood changes and reduced quality of life.

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