Support Team

Lab Team

Our highly trained and fully accredited sleep technologists (RPGST) manage your overnight observation to ensure you have a comfortable yet informative night in our state of the art lab.  A private room with comfortable beds provides a bedroom-like environment to optimize your sleep behaviour and trends.  The facility also offers patient access to TV lounge and bathrooms and showers.

Research Team

The Centre for Sleep and Human Performance Research team has been a source of extensive research projects assisting public service, athletes and industry partners.  Overseen by the Medical Director, who brings 14 years of sleep medicine experience, the clinic has engaged in a number of significant research programs including “Own the Podium” for elite National Team and Olympic Team athletes, and Calgary Police Service Health and Human Performance Initiative.

Lois James

Lois James, Ph.D., is an assistant research professor with the Sleep and Performance Research Center (SPRC) and the Department of Criminal Justice and Criminology at Washington State University (WSU). She has a BA in Psychology from Trinity College Dublin, and received her Ph.D. in Criminal Justice from WSU in 2011. During her time at WSU, Dr. James has served as Co-Principal Investigator on $1.4 million in U.S. Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), Department Of Defense (DOD) funded projects, and as Lead Principle Investigator on a $40,000 contract with the Spokane Police Department. Her research focus is on understanding and overcoming the impact of shift-work related fatigue, sleep deprivation, cultural biases, and other stressors in high-performance and high-risk operational environments (primarily military, law enforcement, and elite athletes).

Amy Bender

Amy is a PhD candidate in the Experimental Psychology program at Washington State University (WSU), Spokane. She currently works as a registered polysomnographic technologist at the Sleep and Performance Research Center where her primary focus is on analyzing sleep EEG. She received a Master of Science degree in Psychology from WSU in 2012 and Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology from California State University San Bernardino in 2002. She has been active with research projects involving subjective sleep differences between elite athletes and controls, individual differences in polysomnographic sleep parameters before and after sleep deprivation, and examining sleep disturbance as a predictor of relapse in cigarette smokers. After her PhD, she plans to study the effects of sleep disturbance and enhancement on elite athletic performance.

Administrative Team

Our administrative team is committed to providing you with rapid access to the excellent service at the Centre for Sleep and Human Performance. Our professionals make certian your visit to the clinic and laboratory is as helpful as possible. If you have any questions about your visit contact us.

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